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Brand Introduction

Since the first day that JORIN® was born, it has been named after various products including Capacitor Discharge Ignition System, Contact-Controlled Ignition System, Ignition Distributor and Spark Plugs. Mr. Xiaomiao Xu, the founder of the company, firmly believed in/has been laying great emphasis on the reliability and durability of JORIN products since the day when the company was established/made a wish/wished that JORIN® products could be reliable and durable the day when the company was founded. To this end, he (and his team) has been engaged in quality improvement for over 30 years as he always believed that the quality is the key to wining customer trust. In the meanwhile, the company’s value of “Prioritizing quality, Pursuing excellence, Advocating pragmatism and Promoting innovation” is carried out by every worker and reflected in every single product. In the future, we hope JORIN®, as a Chinese brand, can be recognized and trusted by the world market.

Address:No.85 south river, Zhengxiang Village, Ditang Subdistrict, Yuyao, Zhejiang, China