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What should be noted in the selection of car spark plugs? Will it affect vehicle fuel consumption?


The spark plug of a car is actually a very small spare part, mainly used to introduce strong current into the cylinder and generate spark ignition. If there is a problem with the spark plug, it can lead to insufficient vehicle power, difficult ignition, and affect vehicle use. Some car owners may say, "Since that's the case, can I just replace it with a better platinum spark plug to solve the problem?"? Is there a correlation between the quality of spark plugs and the fuel consumption of vehicles?

Spark plugs are generally classified according to the material of the electrodes. Ordinary spark plugs are made of nickel chromium alloy material, while better spark plug electrodes are made of more precious metals such as platinum and iridium. As for the difference between this ordinary spark plug and platinum or iridium spark plugs, their use is actually the same, with the only difference being the replacement cycle. Spark plugs are made of precious metal materials because they are constantly subjected to high current shocks. The better the metal material, the more stable and durable it is, with a longer replacement cycle, that's all.

The replacement cycle for spark plugs is recommended to be around 20000 kilometers for regular spark plugs, 60000 kilometers for platinum spark plugs, and 80000-100000 kilometers for iridium spark plugs. If the vehicle does not replace the spark plugs according to this cycle, the spark plugs may wear and oxidize, affecting the ignition and normal use of the vehicle. So the difference between different spark plugs is only the length of use, and it has nothing to do with the fuel consumption of the vehicle itself.

In fact, when choosing a spark plug, we not only need to pay attention to the material, but more importantly, choose a heat value that matches the engine. Spark plugs with mismatched heating values can also affect the ignition and use of vehicles, no matter how good or expensive the material is. So, the choice of spark plug is not necessarily the most expensive, but the most suitable. As long as it is a spark plug that meets the engine's usage requirements, regardless of the material, and does not exceed the upper limit of mileage, it will not affect fuel consumption, which can be reassuring for car owners.

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