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Do spark plugs need to be replaced regularly? When will it be replaced?


With the continuous development of the automotive industry and the increasing number of people purchasing cars in China, the automotive maintenance industry has also begun to flourish. Spark plugs, as an ignition device in cars, also play a very important role. Do car tires need to be replaced, and do spark plugs also need to be replaced regularly? Why? When is it suitable to change?

After compressing fuel, cars need to be ignited in order to explode or burn, and spark plugs are the igniters that achieve this ignition function. Spark plugs actually have the same meaning as the kitchen stove ignition we use in our daily lives, but spark plugs are more sophisticated than stove ignition. After all, the stove only costs a few tens of yuan or hundreds or even thousands of yuan, and the cost of a car is indeed several tens, hundreds, or even thousands of times higher than that of a stove.

Spark plugs are not necessarily the more expensive the better. In our daily lives, there is a prevailing saying that "cheap is not good". But this statement does not apply to cars. A good spark plug does indeed play a good role in improving the performance of car engines, but the impact or benefits of this are almost imperceptible to our car owners in their daily driving experience. For most of us car owners, we usually drive small family cars, and the original spark plugs in the car can already meet daily driving needs very well. Under normal circumstances, car owners only need to inspect the spark plugs during the annual inspection of the car.

In fact, the lifespan of spark plugs is difficult to predict. However, it cannot be considered a very difficult task. Generally speaking, car owners only need to remove the spark plug for inspection during car maintenance, mainly observing whether the color of the spark plug is still pure and whether the electrode gap of the spark plug has increased or decreased. Normally, spark plugs will appear metallic yellow. If your spark plug is metallic yellow, it is generally not necessary to replace it. However, if there is a significant difference in color, it is best to go to a car repair shop for relevant inspections.

Of course, it is not only by looking at the color that one can distinguish whether the spark plug is in a normal state, but also through daily driving that the owner can discover. For example, if a car owner finds it difficult to start their car even when it is cold, experiences significant jerking while driving, and the engine's acceleration performance significantly decreases, they need to check the spark plugs, as this series of problems may be caused by the aging of the spark plugs.

Car owners can also extend the service life of their spark plugs to a certain extent through inspection and maintenance. Car owners can regularly clean their car's air filter, which can reduce some dust from entering the combustion chamber when the car's mixture is discharged, thereby preventing corrosion of the spark plugs. Car owners can also remove spark plugs themselves at home or in the parking lot for a more comprehensive cleaning. However, it is important to avoid dust from entering the car again during the cleaning process. In order to better ensure the lifespan of the car's spark plugs, it is best to spend a small amount of money to hand them over to specialized personnel.

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