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Should the spark plug be replaced regularly? When to change?


With the continuous development of the automobile industry and the increase in the number of people buying automobiles in my country, the automobile maintenance industry has also begun to do in full swing. As an ignition device in automobiles, spark plugs also play a very important role in automobiles. Car tires need to be replaced, and should spark plugs be replaced regularly? why? When is it appropriate?
The car needs to be ignited after the fuel is compressed before it can explode or burn, and the spark plug is the igniter that realizes this ignition function. The spark plug is actually almost the same as the kitchen stove ignition used in our daily life, but the spark plug is more particular than the stove ignition. After all, the stove is tens of dollars or hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the cost of the car is indeed tens, hundreds or even thousands of times higher than the stove.
Spark plugs are not that the more expensive the better, the saying "cheap is not good" prevails in our lives. But this sentence does not apply to cars. A good spark plug does play a very good role in improving the performance of a car engine, but such an impact or benefit is hardly realized in the daily driving process of our car owners. For most of our car owners, what we drive is generally a small family car, and the spark plugs of the car can already meet the daily driving needs. Under normal circumstances, car owners only need to inspect the spark plugs during the annual car inspection.
In fact, the life of spark plugs is not easy to control. However, it is not a very difficult thing. Generally speaking, car owners only need to remove the spark plug for inspection during car maintenance, mainly to observe whether the color of the spark plug is still pure, and whether the electrode gap of the spark plug is enlarged. Or shrink it. Generally, normal spark plugs will appear metallic yellow. If your spark plugs are metallic yellow, you generally don’t need to replace them. However, if there is a big difference in color, it is better to go to the car repair point for related inspections.
Of course, not only can you tell whether the spark plug is in a normal state by looking at the color, but the car owner can also find out through daily driving. For example: If the car owner finds that his car is still difficult to start even when the car is cold, he has a great sense of frustration when driving, and when the engine acceleration performance has dropped significantly, the car owner needs to check the spark plug because of this. A series of problems are probably caused by the aging of the spark plug.
Car owners can also extend the service life of car spark plugs to a certain extent through inspection and maintenance. The car owner can clean the car's air filter regularly, which can reduce some dust from entering the combustion chamber when the car's mixture is discharged, thereby preventing the spark plug from being corroded. The car owner can also remove the spark plug at home or in the parking lot for a more comprehensive cleaning, but it is particularly important that the car owner should try to avoid the second entry of dust during the cleaning process, in order to better ensure the life of the car spark plug. The best way is to spend a small amount of money to give the spark plug to a dedicated staff.
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