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Can changing a spark plug really increase power?


Today's consumers, especially young people, like to make some changes after buying a car. In addition to the decorative appearance, they also like to use some simple methods to increase the power of the car at a low price, but not all methods are necessarily effective. Many products will unilaterally exaggerate its functions and numb the nerves of consumers, and therefore, Today I decided to take everyone to "rational consumption".
The spark plug is only responsible for ignition. Therefore, no matter how good it is to replace the spark plug, it cannot increase the power of the car.
It's like: I want to buy a computer for office use, as long as I can use Word and Excel. No matter how high the configuration is, how expensive the computer is, it doesn't make much sense to me.
Changing to a better spark plug will not increase power
The main function of the spark plug is to ignite the mixed gas in the cylinder. When the car is working normally, it does not matter whether the power supply is strong or not.
There are papers in "Construction Machinery" magazine, which are mentioned in "Determination of Spark Plug Ignition Energy".
In order for the engine to operate normally, the spark energy generated by the spark plug must be large enough to enable the fire core formed by the spark in the combustible mixture to complete the physical and chemical processes and expand the flame.
In other words: if you look around, you can light a cigarette on a gas stove, or light a smoke, it has nothing to do with the fire source.
Whether a cigarette smokes depends on the tobacco leaf or other flavors of the cigarette, and it has nothing to do with this match in any case.
Vehicle power is determined by four main factors: intake air volume, speed, mechanical efficiency and combustion process.
In other words, the power of the car is determined when it leaves the factory. As long as no changes are made and the spark plug is replaced, it is impossible to make the power exceed the original level.
A good spark plug can last longer
So why does anyone replace the spark plug?
We replaced better spark plugs. In fact, we just replaced spark plugs with better electrode materials. The difference is: the service life will be longer.
For example, the service life of a nickel alloy spark plug is about 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers. Single platinum spark plugs are 40,000 kilometers; Iridium spark plugs are 80,000 kilometers.
Those who really need high-quality spark plugs are those cars with so-called "bad" engine conditions.
Some turbocharged cars need to replace 20,000 kilometers of spark plugs. The reason is that spark plugs on turbocharged cars corrode faster than naturally aspirated spark plugs. For example, in the Passat maintenance manual, it is recommended to replace the spark plug every 20,000 kilometers.
As mentioned in the previous video, the temperature of the turbine engine is higher, and the intake air temperature is 40 to 60°C higher than the normal naturally aspirated air.
There is also a paper in the "Automotive Engineering" magazine, "Study on the effect of high-energy ignition on the corrosion of spark plug electrodes".
Higher cylinder pressure, stronger eddy current and higher cylinder temperature will accelerate the corrosion of the spark plug, thereby shortening the life of the spark plug.
It's like this: people who work hard will definitely consume more energy. They should eat more buns to supplement their nutrition.
If nutrition is worse than others, and they work more than others, right? ended.
Why do some people feel that the motivation is getting stronger after the change
Some of his friends felt: "I just changed a better spark plug, and then I feel that the motivation has become stronger." So what happened?
Although it does not increase power, it can restore power
That's it: you replaced this new spark plug, it is not called "power becomes stronger", but to restore you to the original level.
It feels that your motivation is getting stronger and stronger, but you forgot that the original spark plug is getting bigger and bigger. Reputation is not a "more powerful" spark plug, but a "new" spark plug.
Old spark plugs have more or less carbon deposits, and the problem of carbon deposits does affect engine power.
There is a paper in "Chemical Minerals and Processing" and it is mentioned in "Introduction to Spark Plugs".
Excessive mixed gas, idling of the engine for a long time, high heat generation, excessive lubricating oil, etc. will easily cause carbon deposits on the spark plug insulator, which will cause the problem of reduced ignition performance and power.
In addition, after the spark plug ages, the electrode will wear and corrode, the gap will become larger, and the ignitability will deteriorate.
There is some knowledge about spark plugs on the official DENSO website. When the electrode gap increases, the voltage required for ignition of the spark plug will increase.
When the electrode wear reaches a certain level, the voltage provided by the ignition coil is insufficient, and the insufficient voltage will cause the spark plug to fail.
Stable ignition of the mixture is hindered, and engine power is reduced.
It's like: when climbing a mountain, if the slope is too steep, then we can only climb slowly, or not at all, except for rock climbing.
Psychological influence makes you motivated
Some friends haven't used the original spark plug for a long time. They replaced them with better spark plugs. They feel that the power of "um" has increased. "This may be a psychological effect.
Because in behavioral economics, there is something called the "Weberon effect". That is to say: the higher the price of the product, the more consumers are willing to buy, thinking that the effect of the product will be better.
In other words, spark plugs are expensive. I thought to myself: The effect will be better, the power will be better, and the fuel consumption will definitely be lower. I think the ignition seems to be smoother than before.
In fact, these changes are small.
The most basic function is to extend the service life
All in all, the most fundamental effect of changing to a better spark plug is to extend the service life, which has nothing to do with increasing power.
But I changed a new spark plug, because the original is an old one, so I feel that the power has increased. In fact, it is called "resilience".
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